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Viamonte Malbec Rose

Intense ruby red colour, brilliant with great aromatic potential. Fresh, fruity, with plums and red fruit
jam aromas. Well-balanced acidity, good persistence and sweet finish. Great wine as an appetizer and/or dessert.

Production: The grapes are distempered and placed in tanks of stainless steel. After 18 hours of contact between the
must and the skin of the grapes, the wished colour is obtained. Past this time it is inoculated by yeasts selected of French
origin and the alcoholic fermentation takes between 22 to 25 days at temperatures below 16 C in order to preserve the
aromas of this excellent wine.

Name: Viamonte Malbec Rose
Variety: 100% Malbec.
Vineyards: Finca La Augusta, Vistalba.
Yield: 5.000-8.000 kg/ha.
Plantation density: 5.555 pl./ha.
Height: 960 meters above sea level.
Age: 85 years old.
Harvest season: first half of March.
Harvest: by hand in 15 kg plastic boxes.