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Juana Larrea Malbec Reserve

Intense red colour, brilliant, with dark hues, signature Malbec. Fruit aromas with presence of French oak. Red fruit hints such as plums and cherries. A well-balanced wine. On the palate, round, persistent and above all, elegant. No doubt, a great wine.

Production: The grapes are distempered, cooled and placed in tanks of Stainless Steel, where after a soft maceration in cold they are inoculated by yeasts selected of French origin. The alcoholic fermentation lasts approximately between 7 and 10 days to temperatures that do not overcome the 25-27º C, this in order to preserve the own fruit of the wines.

Malolactic fermentation: to accomplish this fermentation we use Lactic Selected Bacteria of French origin.

Aging: Once the wines are obtained they are aged for 6 months in casks of 225 l of French oak and a small percentage
in American oak. Once the process is finished the rammer in bottles takes 6 months.

Name: Juana Larrea Malbec
Vintage: 2012
Harvest season: Second half of March.
Harvest: by hand in 15 kg plastic boxes.