Viamonte Winery
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Our Wines

Viamonte born as a family project dedicated to the elaboration of high quality wines, combining high technology in warehouse with an extensive knowledge of growing grapes for over 100 years in the most important terroir of Argentina, Vistalba.

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If You are in our city Vistalba, Mendoza, we invite you to tour with us, our vineyards, the winery and meet the wine trail. Learn more about Malbec and Winemaking. Our goal is to produce elegant wines, meeting the highest demands of the market.

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Our winery

Viamonte is a boutique winery. Has a capacity of 450.000 bottles per year, by our recognized worldwide terroir we produce wines with unique characteristics, imprinting unique features for our renowned Malbec. Here you will find wines of great personality and a family committed and passionate about wine.